I was scrolling through my LinkedIn page when I came across this illustration about handling snake bites and I knew it was perfect for this piece.

So let’s imagine you get bitten by a snake; what is the best possible way to handle this situation? I know people who would decide to chase the snake, find it and kill it before anything else; some people might raise an alarm immediately and others would just run away. The wisest action to take is to remain calm, separate the poison from the rest of the body in order to prevent it from affecting other parts of your system; people achieve this by tying the bitten area and using a suction device to draw out the venom.

Apply this same trick when dealing with negativity as well.

Negativity is like venom it is contagious, it has the ability to damage your self-esteem, your mind and impair your quality of life. Though we may not care to admit it, what other people think about something or us has a way of affecting how we feel. In this age and time when the world is filled with bitter people and happiness is something we strive for; protecting your happiness, joy and peace of mind should be prioty.

One of the biggest detriment to succeeding is associating yourself with toxic people. Yes! they are present in every area of our lives; I am sure most of us have encountered that co-worker who acts like a Negative Nancy and doesn’t have anything good to say about anyone in the office. These people are no fun to be around with flee, run, escape and stay clear from people like this because they have incredibly negative effects on your health and success.

The truth is, everyone has a breaking point and no matter how positive you think you are, negative people can affect your lives unless you take the right precautions. Scientific research has shown that even a small amount of negative brain activity can lead to a weakened immune system, making you prone to illness, depression, heart attack or a stroke.

How then can you protect yourself from unnecessary negativity; first is to tell whoever bringing that negative vibe into your life ‘goodbye’. Just do this by singing the hook of Beyonce’s song ‘Sorry’ to them but don’t feel sorry about it. Another step is to set limits especially if they are people you can’t eliminate from your life (your boss, co-workers). Lastly, choose your battles don’t engage every time someone irritates or tries to bring you into their negativity. Rather than argue, sometimes choose to ignore.

Try to associate yourself with people who are going to lift you higher, be friends with like minds individuals, surround yourself with genuinely happy people and always know that it is never in your place to please everyone. If we are going to succeed in life and business, then it is our duty to learn how to control our responses to negative situations.

Make up your mind today to make a conscious effort to stay clear of every negative relationship bringing you down. Remember, it is you and negativity in the boxing ring, it is like venom the world is filled with it and although we cannot control other people’s attitude we can control how we respond to it. Pick a stand and choose not to let that poison spread through your system.



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