You’re in the middle of a business meeting and, suddenly, your child shows up and says, “Mum, will you help me find my toy?” You tell him to wait a minute but he says, “No! Now!” This situation can cause a lot of frustration and awkwardness. There may be times when working from home with children in the house can seem impossible to cope with.

However, there are ways to avoid these problems and manage potential frustration intelligently. It’s normal to feel a bit disoriented during the first few days, as your home has suddenly turned into your workplace and a school classroom.

Therefore, it’s important to know how to manage this exceptional situation so that you can fulfil your work responsibilities, have time to help your children with their homework, and find time to do all the other chores, such as cooking, doing the laundry, and cleaning.

Dealing with kids and working from home is no mean feat. Those little humans need your attention every once in a while and this could take a toll on how you manage your time when working from home.

Talk to them

This is another indispensable point. Working from home with children is only possible if you reach an agreement.

You’ll need to have an open conversation with them to explain what’s happening. You need to explain why they have to be at home and that there are times of the day when you need them to do quiet activities or activities that won’t require your help.

This way, although they may have to call you during exceptional times, they’ll know that you’re working and will think twice about bothering you.

Separate the different areas when you’re working from home

Separating the areas of your house is an excellent option. Each part of the home should be dedicated to a specific activity. For example, there should be no interruptions in your work are. Also, designate another part of the house for your children to study and do their homework.

You can make this a sort of game so your children will feel involved. This way, they’ll be aware of the different areas: where mom or dad work, where their “school” is, and where the “playground” is. If you follow these guidelines, it’ll be much easier for you to work with your children in the house.

Set schedules, but be flexible

Although working from home and looking after your children can be hard, you should establish a schedule everyone respects and follows. At what time do I start working? When should we wake the children?

The answers to these questions, and a few others, will give you the clues you need to organize your days and avoid interruptions during your workday. However, we’re talking about children here, which is why you need to be flexible.

On the other hand, although you may be clear about your schedule, it’s normal for unforeseen events to arise. If your children are already of a certain age, for example, you can agree with them that they can come and see you for five minutes every hour to ask questions.

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