So, it’s almost the weekend again and while some persons may have weddings and other parties to attend, some others still may have no plans at all because of lack of finances. Must we have money to have great fun?

What plans have you got planned to make it really fun, exciting and cool for you? Thinking of just chilling at home because you have no money or trying to cut down on cost? No, no, noooo.

No more cutting down on life all because of lack of finances. You can still have a great time for free and here are some tips:


It’s not about another selfie or going for a professional photo shoot session. It’s about having fun with your family and friends. Gather your friends together, dress up and just basically have a wonderful time taking pictures with your camera or phone while striking some amazing poses.


The kitchen is one amazing place to get creative. Having fun with a mix of ingredients to create new versions of our regular meals, drinks or even side dishes can be super great. It could be from a blog or vlog, you can try to learn new recipes using the normal ingredients we know and see every day. Challenge yourself to want to learn new things. Whether a meal or drinks – cocktail, mocktail, or anything, just fix something new for yourself or even for friends/family. It is really fun and amazing.


Now, there are so many DIY ideas for you to try out especially on YouTube videos and the wonderful thing here is that these things are not only easy to make but the materials needed to make them are very easy to find. It can be water bottles, beads or even used clothes. Whatever it is, scraps can always be turned into something fun and beautiful. You could even try making cosmetics like creams, soaps, or even scented candles etc. There is a ton of stuff to learn on YouTube. Get creative and explore. You will be amazed at the new hobby you find and who knows, it may eventually turn into a business.

There is no stipulated rule that says you need money to have great fun. Make do with what you have. Living is about making every moment of your day count. So instead of brooding or wallowing in self-pity while you dwell on things you lack, how about you switch things around this weekend and in gratitude for what you do have, create the best time for yourself and just simply have fun?

PHOTO CREDIT: KinkyCurlyCoilyMe!

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