“No man is an island,” as the saying goes. We all need love, cheer and friendship in our lives ergo, the world. A sick community equals a sick world and no one needs that. Get involved with your community! The people and places around you have such a profound impact on you and your well-being. Believe it or not, the reverse is also true. You have the power to change the things and people around you in a positive way. Get involved with your community; change the way you see the world.

How to do this:

1.VOLUNTEER: Becoming a volunteer is a great way to get involved in your community. Be it in Church, an NGO organisation, a neighbour’s party, etc., volunteering your help is a great way to offer help to those who need it. You could share food items or clothing in orphanages or for the homeless or offer your help in any other way you can. Thinking about the less privileged in the community is not enough but taking action to help will go a long way to make a difference. Another good thing about volunteering is that it must not be financial The world today is in dire need of love and goodwill today.


2. TAKE CLASSES: Taking exercise, art, or any kind of class is a rewarding way to get to know the people around you. You will get to meet people who share your interests. Who knows, you could even make some lifelong friends. Take an exercise class. Take a fancy painting class. Take a psychology class at a community class. It doesn’t matter what you take as long as it is something that will make you happy.


3. DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: There is so much joy in serving others. It’s not about payment or the compensation but about the satisfaction you derive when you get to serve others especially those whom you know will not be able to repay you. The good deeds that are done in secret and not publicised or showcased to yield praises is a blessing even in itself. Do things for others. You don’t even need to tell every one of your good works. Do well for those who cannot return the favour. Your blessing is in your ability to give of yourself.


4. HAVE FAITH: The church community is one of the greatest support systems in the community. These folks stand by you especially in your time of need. Join a church which suits your beliefs and be a part of the family. This is another good way to get to know your neighbours. Stay connected to your community. They may be the support that you need.

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