Sometimes a business that has been well planned can head south and the factors would emerge that will be blamed but the real key to bouncing back to business after a set back is evaluating your situation honestly.

Before physicians treat a patient, they do all kinds of tests and make a diagnosis. So when you realize that your business is in serious trouble, stop. You need to take a good, hard look at your company to evaluate and assess what is going wrong.

The way you think about your failures is key to your success. After re-evaluating your company, chances are you have found where you went wrong and are ready to redefine and rethink your strategy. You have decided to not give up, and are determined to succeed. This is a great step in reviving your dying business.

The best businesses are the ones that run with soul. Your most important assets are your people—your employees. When your company seems to be failing, re-evaluate not just your strategy, but those who need to execute it. If necessary, get rid of those who are slowing you down, and hire those who can help revive your dying business.

Rather than playing the blame game—which will get you nowhere—successful CEOs and business leaders know that admitting their faults and showing genuine humility will help rebuild and re-boost their organization.

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