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I used to have a friend who washed her hands after every touch. I mean she washes her hands with soap and water and thereafter, uses hand sanitizer. I used to feel she had OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) but it turns out she is just an excessively neat lady.

Watching her wash her hands often made me wonder how her room would be like and how clean her stuff would be. We may not all be obsessive neat ladies like my friend but can we boast of a high pass mark when it comes to grading our hygiene?

There are some things we easily take for granted when it comes to cleanliness and examples are our beddings, makeup brushes etc. Just like we regularly have our baths, we also need to regularly and consistently keep our stuff clean to avoid getting skin issues or even falling ill.

Here are some items you must take care of very often:

  • Sheets and bedding: once a week:

These are supposed to be changed weekly no matter if you only take a snooze on the bed. “It’s a good idea to wash your pillowcases and sheets at least once a week to avoid transferring bacteria, oils and other impurities from your pillow to your face as you sleep,” says Joel Schlessinger, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and RealSelf advisor. “Your skin and hair leave oil and other buildups on your pillowcase that can lead to breakouts, inflammation and irritation.”

“To avoid breakouts, fungi and illness, hit the laundromat or switch out your sheets weekly,” says Dr. Schlessinger.

  • Bath and hand towels: after three uses

I guess the majority of us often think that bath towels are often clean because we only use them to dry off after taking a bath, right? Unfortunately, this is just a myth as these towels accumulate millions of dead skin cells and other particulars after just a few uses. Once used, these towels must be properly aired to get rid of the musty scent it often has.

“Ideally, you want to switch to a clean towel after three uses,” Dr. Schlessinger says. “It’s also important to never share your towel with another person, which could spread bacteria and infection.”

Hand towels, on the other hand, should be washed every two to three days. “These towels are used by multiple people for a variety of reasons, which makes it even easier to spread germs,”  he says. And never (ever!) use a hand towel on your face (think of all the germs you’re spreading!). Any towel that comes in contact with your face should be washed after every use to avoid spreading bacteria to your pores.

  • Makeup brushes: regularly

If there is any set of things that need regular cleaning, it is the set of makeup brushes which we use on a daily basis. These brushes can accumulate loads of serious dirt, oil, bacteria and buildup, which can aggravate your skin. “Cleansing your tools regularly is the best way to prevent this buildup from causing problems such as acne and irritation,” says Dr. Schlessinger. “Not only does regular sanitizing kill bacteria, but it also helps your brushes last longer and provides you with the best makeup application.”

Make it a habit to spritz your brushes once every week and then deep clean them once a month with brush shampoo. Dr. Schlessinger recommends discarding old makeup brushes after around six months.

  • Workout sneakers: wipe down after each class

It’s not a secret that regular washing of sneakers can wear them out. In the light of this, it is advisable to replace workout sneakers once every four to five months if used multiple times a week or if used less frequently, then you can replace them once every six months. A good advice though is to avoid touching your workout shoe and then touching your face. “After working out, it’s very important to wash your face, hands and body, focusing on any areas where your skin touched the exercise equipment,” says Dr. Schlessinger. “After working out, it’s very important to wash your face, hands and body, focusing on any areas where your skin touched the exercise equipment.”

What other item do you think should be regularly cleaned? Kindly share your opinions.

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