We’re so used to having our guard up that sometimes, we do so even in our time with God.

We cover up our mistakes, shame and even guilt when speaking to him about all the things that we want to him to do for and with us forgetting that he is all-knowing.

You’re doing Christianity wrong if you cannot be comfortable in the presence of your father. Perhaps, it is the churches that some of us grew up in that we have to blame for the way we feel in God’s presence; but, know that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. He loves you just as you are and wants to see you prosper.

New Living Translation
So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.-Romans 8:1

If perfection is what you strive for in God’s presence, you need to start praying that God strip away your pride and dignity in order to let the Holy Spirit completely take over when you’re in his presence.

Is there something of shame that you’ve been carrying around pretending to the rest of the world because you’re afraid that they will mock you? Bring it to God. God won’t mock you or make you feel worthless. Stop shaming God by giving him human qualities. He is your friend, confidant and source in times of help. Where it feels like everyone has deserted you, it is in those times that God steps in to show you that all glory must be ascribed to Him and He is not a man that he should lie. When He tells you He’s got you, believe that He does.

If you’re battling with any shame or guilt, don’t be afraid to talk to God about it. He hears and He is constantly hoping that you let Him in so he can heal you, love you through it and heal the hurt.

I hope that the next time you spend some quality time with God, you’re able to come bare.

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