And the final words of the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS in Lybia on February 12, 2015, were “My Lord Jesus”.

Then they were beheaded…..

Watching the gruesome video, sent chills down my spine and tears to the back of my eyes as I steeled myself to the sight of the throats of these 21 men been ripped open on the screen as though they were animals.

As I looked at the faces of the Christians and the hidden faces of the ISIS men, I wondered and marvelled at the deepness of the beliefs of these two sets of people…

  • One set with faith firmly rooted in God that they were willing to give up their lives and embrace death rather than deny their faith.
  • The other sect with an ardent belief in taking the lives of supposed unbelievers and this came easily to them.

I wondered “Why do people do what they do?” “What principles or values do you have that helps fashion your choices in life?”

The answer, however, came to me in one word … COMMITMENT.

At a seminar I recently attended on Leadership, Commitment and Service, I learnt that there are 3 levels of commitment:

  • Continuous Commitment/commitment because you have to be.
  • Normative Commitment/commitment because you ought to be.
  • Affective Commitment/commitment because I want to be.

Then I understood that whatever we do; whatever actions we take is based on the level of commitment to a certain course or mission. If we take a deeper look at our lives, we see that we have a commitment to different reasons/purposes or even people – family, faith, religious beliefs, career, vocation, hobby, loved ones, marriage etc.

However, it is our level of commitment that determines the amount or level of seriousness we input into whatever it is we are committed to and this is greatly inspired by the beliefs or principles we tenaciously hold on to.

Be it right or wrong, we make our choices based on what we believe in. William James said, “Belief creates the actual fact”. 

Hence, these questions arise:

  • What do you see as important in life?
  • How committed are you to those things you claim are of so much value to you?
  • How much of your time, talent or resources do you give to these things?

Living a great life is a matter of being effectively committed to it. You have to know what you want and be determined to go get it despite obstacles you come across along the way. NO ONE is going to live your life for you. You have to figure out your goals and purposes….find out that which gives you joy and complete happiness. Go into your happy place and operate from there.

Be firmly committed to becoming truly happy and successful and you sure will.  However, I see it as imperative to mention here that you let your conscience be your guide in whatever choice you make. Do not go by what the world says is right or wrong but be guided by what God says is.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the choice we make….Get this right: whatever decision you take, it is a choice you make. You are never coerced into committing to something you do not believe in.

Your life…your choices is always between you and God, no one else. 

You are either for good or against it. There is no in-between. Don’t think been indifferent is not a choice. Fence-writing is a decision. It is a choice you make but you just delude yourself into thinking you are not on any side.

So, what do you believe in?


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