If Ese is light complexioned, tall and slender with all the right curves, does that mean Uche is not as beautiful because she is dark-skinned and a little chubby? Why should Uche go all-out to become as light-skinned and slender as Ese?

She starves herself, tones her skin and goes through unnecessary punishments just to look like Ese, why? She is Uche and Ese is Ese, right? What makes her Uche is who she is created to be – dark skinned and chubby. Doing her hardest to be light-skinned and slender makes her Ese and not Uche.

So we have two Eses’ and no Uche. We have lost a gem. The most painful part is she really can never be Ese but only a phoney. She will never be the original Ese no matter how hard she tries to look like Ese. She will always be Uche-turned-Ese.

Hmmmmm! How familiar does this illustration sound?

Do you know of any Uches or Eses? Running a quick search through your mind? Bother not. You are Uche. I am Uche. We are all Uche. We make every effort to be an Ese and abandon our originality as an Uche.

Does this make sense? Let me explain……

Ese represents “beautiful” women while Uche represents people who feel they are “not so beautiful”. By whose and what standards are these grades done, to begin with? What we may see as beautiful may not be what others consider as beautiful. “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”, isn’t it?

Why not remain your original self and let that man who considers you “beautiful” come to sweep you off your feet to La-La land? Why would you at all cost want to be light-skinned and thin and join the unending queue that the man would have to make selections from when you could have remained your beautiful dark-skinned chubby self and be the only one on the queue and before you say “jack”, you are in a land of bliss with the man of your dreams?

Keep fit and stay healthy. What more do you want?

Fantabulous Chics, one secret you don’t know that drives men crazy about women is ORIGINALITY. Be who you are and not try to be another. There is this common notion that men like light-skinned girls and slender girls better. Who said so?

Was a census done to see how many men like slender girls better as against chubby girls? Even if such a thing was done (which by the way is utterly ridiculous), isn’t every man entitled to his own opinion?

How does the view of another affect your own, if you are not easily swayed by the crowd? Be your own man; be your own person. See through your own eyes and not through the eyes of another. Some people are myopic and are just one-way. What others say or think is what they go by. “Black is beautiful”, ever heard that?

That thing you think is weird about you – big ear, big nose, big eyes, flat bum, chubby body, whatever it is, is the very thing that is special about you; It is the very thing that makes you, you. Treat yourself right and take care of your body.

You were born that way so you are special. Why carry out dangerous procedures just because you want to look as beautiful like another? By whose standards are they beautiful? By whose standards are you ugly?

You are beautiful. You are awesome. You are breath-taking. You are amazing. BASK IN THE BEAUTY OF YOUR BEING.


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