You don’t know what it means to graduate cum laude?  Do you even know what is expected of me? Do you?

That were the words that always flipped out of Hauwa’s mouth whenever her doting friends pointed out to her how much she was beating herself up over a ‘not-so-good’ pitch for her multinational company that still closed a deal. For Hauwa,  the pitch was not good enough. Many of us find ourselves walking down this path.

We make unconcious moves down the narrow road of perfectionism while believing in the illusion that we are striving towards excellence.  Social media has not helped matters as there are contents flowing all round every second reminding you that “”Only the paranoid survive.” Becareful to note when you are being inspired and when you are heading a self-destruct end.

There is a thin line between harmful perfectionism and excellence.

That’s because when you hold yourself to exacting standards — as many high-achievers do — you can get caught in the trap of perfectionism. The result? Feeling perpetually frustrated, stressed, unacknowledged, or like you never measure up. While an honor roll mindset can translate into a drive to succeed that lands you deals and accolades, it can easily lead to workaholism and burnout. The industriousness that served you well in school may now be what’s actually hindering your productivity and professional progress.

Some of the closest signs of perfectionism could be: You beat yourself up waaaaaay too much when you make a mistake,  If something isn’t perfect, it’s not good enough or maybe you push yourself to work harder — not necessarily smarter.

Is there something you could do to bring yourself out of this loophole? Definitely, Yes.

  • Hold on to high standards, but keep perfectionism in check.
  • Face up to the ironic consequences.
  • Consider multiple measures of success.
  • Have some compassion for yourself.

I am rooting for you to live a life devoid of regret, unneccessary stress and frustration.


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