Perfection is not such an easy thing to put up with . With the caption above you are likely to think I have a thing for perfection but being ‘Mrs Best’ has nothing close to being perfect.

There is a constant fluctuation of the economy and with the tables turned, there is an inevitable need for women to roll ups their sleeves and bring in pay checks too, often times, our partners income does not cover up some financial lapses. Suffice it to say that every woman needs to bring some pay checks. Most of us tend to be confused how  to go about it, therefore we end being too saddled with worry than getting down to business.



Being ‘Mrs Best’ is what every woman needs. I can imagine you throwing tantrums on how you are not going for a change of name, we all know how stressful, the procedure is and sometimes expensive depending on your income. Well, you can be‘Mrs Best’ and you absolutely don’t need a change of name. All it implies is that you have a;

B- Business

You need a means to have income even before the month ends. You don’t need to keep your eyes glued to a calendar and praying the dutiful calendar skips a week as it goes about its ‘official duty.’ The good part of business his that it does not limit your in-flow of income.


You need formal education. It helps to give you a guideline on how to apply your knowledge to your career or business. It helps to have a better insight in assessing needs and problems, as well as generating solutions. Education should not however be relegated to classroom experience only but education in all spheres.


What skill can you pull through effortlessly? What skill can you offer as a value or service in exchange for a paycheck?  Ask yourself these question and work towards acquiring valuable skills , it could be as small as baking, fashion designing, painting , coding a computer programme-Women have been given opportunity to key into coding , edit a video, driving –Uber has become a strong supporter of women and creating an avenue to have women evenly represented in Tech.


These are your innate or in -born abilities. These were handed to you at no expense. Every single being has talents but some people do not look inward to point out what that talent is. It could be drawing, taking great pictures from unimaginable angles, singing like a nightingale, writing or even generating solutions to challenges. This is what you were born to do.

Some women might agree to have one, two or probably three out of the acronym ‘BEST.’ Having all is an assurance of an explosion of possibilities. Make maximum use of what you ‘ve got.

How long have you been thinking on improving your finances? Creating more impact? Getting more results?7

It might seem like forever. Apparently, all you have ever needed lies within you.

Will you activate it today? 

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