Now I know we never really think of our hairdressers in the same way as the waiters who serve us at restaurants. But, if you truly think about it, you might find that they are one and the same. And in both instances, you have something to lose. For the waiter, it’s bad service the next time you’re there as many of them live on tips; so they will remember you. For the hairdresser, it’s an ok hair style when we all know that ‘Ok’ is not the end goal; it’s Slayage!

In many instances, hair dressers are not paid half as much as we sometimes think they are.

In fact, many times they’re reliant on your seemingly small tips to get them by.

  1. It’s a good way to tell them job well done.

You know when you’ve shown your hair stylist that photo you saw on the Gram and the paranoia in you takes over? “Can she actually get it right? Should I perhaps select something easier?” Those thoughts Usain Bolting their way through your mind; then something magical happens and they not only get it right, they absolutely nail it! Show your appreciation in the one way that will matter to them-a tip. The tip might seem little or albeit inconsequential to you, but to them, it makes a wealth of a difference.

2. You might get rewarded for your investment

Not all fingers are equal and neither are the customers!

Ever noticed how you’d walk into a salon and some customers just seem to receive better care and attention? It’s finally making sense? I’ll leave that to marinate. From new deals, styles and even new products, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

3. It’s the compassionate thing to do

Tipping servers shows compassion and in that moment, care for someone else other than yourself. It removes yiur thought process from you for a change and allows you to sow into someone else’s life. If Jesus were here, what would he do?


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