Big goals are scary to most of us. At least, I know they are scary for me, a part of me basically feels they are unattainable, but the reality is that we can never be sure until we go for it. I was listening to the radio this morning when the presenter said

Man is never afraid of the unknown, what he is afraid of, is losing the known

This statement reverberated in my mind and I realised they carried so much truth in them. I will never know what is attainable and what isn’t until I try. In fact, setting big goals and going for them might make my life more interesting and fulfilling, here’s what I found in my research on why big goals matter:

It makes life exciting

When I think of my ‘potential’ big goals (my would be big goals), I get excited, and I’m sure this happens for every one. What comes with having a big goal is a gravitational pull of will power, and if the initial excitement is allowed to foster long enough it will push one to take action. If every single day of my life is lived under the influence of these ‘big goals’, I will be spending most of my time subtly moving towards it and I will have none left for self-doubt.

It makes one more committed to long-term goals

A big goal will cause me to expand my vision and when this is done I’m forced to confront the possibilities of structural changes in every area of my life which will strengthen my core and ultimately bring about a ripple effect that spills over in all areas of my life.

It challenges all deficiencies

Having a big goal makes one more realistic and it will force me to challenge all deficiencies. Once a big goal is perceived to be attainable, what comes with it is the question of how it can be done. If this question is honestly answered, it will be easy to address the poor habits that can stand in the way of this big goal.  It is so easy to blame others, never take personal responsibility, and make excuses. It takes the courageous (and effective) person however who is willing to accept personal responsibility to take a deep look in-wards to address deficiencies rather than looking outside.

At the end of the day it may not  matter whether the big goal is achieved or not, what matters is that a chance was taken to confront the unknown and while doing that, a better and stronger character emerged. Big goals help to develop the power of habit.

I hope you will learn a thing or two from reading this.



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