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Sometimes affordable can be expensive too. So, do you fold your arms and chose not to pay?

During the year of cellphones with polyphonic ringtones, I had a Nokia 6100 phone with a personal display – Their destiny is tied to mine. I felt it was a cool slogan. Teenagehood has a really nice way off making you feel hip. I would turn on my phone and wait patiently with a smile to see my display slogan flash on my screen.

Recently, I have been in a position where I keep recollecting past actions and seeing a depeer meaning. Why I do this? I honestly don’t know. It’s more like an unconcious or reflex action. But it has been worth it.

We all come into the world as one soul housed in a fleshy body. We pass through life thinking it’s just us that matter but lately, I have realised that we live for each other. This is the main reason why you can’t afford to play small. This is because their destiny is tied to yours irrespective of if you accept it or not.

There are humans, ideas, projects, that need your inspiration, skill, talent and contribution to come alive. Please, you are not just another statistic.

Wait a minute? Have you noticed that flash and fame seems to be raising it’s head over substance. This is not why you are here. You are here because there is an unbottled substance that needs to be uncorked in you.

Eyes are watching. They always will. So, you need to keep being you and staying true to your purpose.

If the world falls short of what it should be with you in it. You are to be blamed.

Imagine yourself playing bowling. When you roll that ball, ensure to knock off  all the pins.


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