Here are the 10 things every bride must do exactly a month to her wedding

With just 30 days left before your big day, it’s understandable that you may have mixed emotions that may get you carried away with all the revelry. You may also be feeling a bit (we know this is an understatement) stressed out because of all you need to get done before that day. Take a deep breath as we show you the major things every bride should do the month of their wedding.

1. Get the Marriage License

If you and your partner are yet to apply for a license, this is the best time to. Make sure you check out the laws of the jurisdiction where you are getting married in (that’s if you are going to the registrar) to find out about any deadlines and requirements for applying for your license. Also, you need to know if your date is acceptable, whether a blood test or other documents is required to complete your application. To be certain, start compiling your documents early so when the time comes to get the license, everything will occur smoothly.

2. Go over the Final Details with Vendors

Meet up with vendors and if you can’t, set up a phone conference so you can go over all of the details for the big day. Also, remember to include them in your feeding arrangements to your caterer. Don’t you want the people who will be working nonstop to make your day smooth to also battle with hunger now do you? Most caterers will give you a discount on your vendor’s meal. So, be sure to include the names of your planners, DJ, videographer, photographers as well as their assistants to the list.

3. Arrange for Your Final Fitting

It’s always best to plan and arrange for the final fitting of your dress in advance. You don’t want to start stressing yourself out about your dress few days to your wedding. So, make sure the gown is free from wrinkles, altered to perfection and ready for you when the big day comes.

4. Follow up With Guests Who are yet to respond

This part is one of the most difficult parts on your list, but it’s important. If you are planning a “strictly-by-invitation-wedding,” then you need to ask your chief bridesmaid, or your mom for help. Call anyone on the guest list who is yet to respond to the invite. After all, you will need to take a head count for the venue so you can know what to tell the caterers before the wedding day.

5. Tech Chargers

This is also one of the most important things to do, possibly two days before or a day before your wedding. When the big day comes, and you are getting ready in your bridal suite, have your smart devices charged and ready to go. If you plan on using your iPhone, Android or iPod for any part of the ceremony, make sure they are fully charged and have the right charger on nearby just in case you need the DJ to play your favorite songs. Another thing is, you should keep your phone charged overnight, you will need it on the go as you leave for your honeymoon.

6. Have Final Hair and Makeup Trial

It’s always a good idea to make a plan for one last makeup and hair trial to perfect your look for the big day. If you can, come along with your veil. Also, make sure your chief bridesmaid and bridesmaids all have their dresses fitted and hair done on time.

7. Get a Facial or Massage

It’s not advisable to have either of these two done when the date of your wedding is close. Doing so might risk you having sore muscles from the massage​ or your skin reacting from the facial. A week or two before is an ideal time to enjoy some good facials and relax.

8. Have Your Cake Knife and Toasting Flutes Ready

You may already have this handled by your caterer, but you can still go ahead and purchase a special set on your own. Doing so will leave you well prepared for any eventuality. So, when packing up the items to be used at the reception, ensure that to pack your cake knife and toasting flutes. Once this is done, you can tick it off your to-do list, and focus on other important things like packing for your honeymoon.

9. Passport and Identification

More on honeymoon. While preparing for the big day, make sure you remember to pack your passport and other relevant documents safely in your carry-on luggage. You don’t want to have any issue with security forces on the road or at the airport. So, make sure this little detail is taken care of a month before your wedding.

10. Prepare Thank-you Notes/Messages

It’s easy just to allow things fall by the roadside in the aftermath of your big day, but you should start sending your thank-you notes and messages to your guests as soon as possible. Don’t forget the important people in your life including your parents, in-laws, friends and family members that were there with you from the beginning to the end of the wedding.


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