While some couples may already have it figured out, some others may still be finding it difficult to cope with a spouse who has diabetes. No doubt, it puts some responsibilities on you but once you have a care plan, it can be pretty easy.

Especially when it is the man that has the diabetes, women have to step up and go that extra mile to ensure he sticks to his health regimen – regulare doctor appointments, meal change etc. Diabetes is no death sentence and one can have a long and healthy life if the diabetes is well managed.

Here are some ways to help your partner manage his diabetes.

Learn the signs

You have to learn the signs that your partner is having a blood sugar problem. If his blood sugar is low, he could get a headache, feel dizzy, sweat excessively, become irritable, and/or begin to shake. Signs of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision.

Pack Insulin for travel

You have to stay on top of your partner about packing his insulin and needles for travel. He should be good at this himself, but you both know how dangerous it can be if he fails to pack enough supplies, so you double-check his packing.

Have snacks on hand

Again, your partner probably does this too, but you will be backup. You should keep snacks on hand for him for when his blood sugar drops. A small piece of fruit such as an orange, an apple, or half a banana is good. Half a cup of regular (never diet) soda is helpful. As for managing diabetes when blood sugar levels are stable, snacks like raw veggies with hummus, low-sugar fruits like berries and melon, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are good.

You may step in to give his shot sometimes

Sometimes you will have to give your partner his insulin shot. If he allows his blood sugar to get too high and he is dizzy and his hands are shaky, you’ll need to give him the shot. So educate yourself on this practice, and get comfortable with it. His healthcare provider can talk to you about how to safely do this.

Test his blood sugar

You may also have to test his blood sugar sometimes, so get comfortable with blood. It’s a good idea to keep track of his numbers, so you can learn what affects them like certain foods or stress

Alcohol intake must be monitored

While your partner can likely have one or two drinks and see just a mild blood sugar increase, know that diabetics should not drink in excess. Too much alcohol can actually cause their blood sugar to drop to dangerous levels

Monitor his other beverages

When it comes to coffee and iced tea, these should be unsweetened. But you know that coffee shops and restaurants can mess up orders, so you always take a sip of his drink before he does to make sure they got it right.

Giving friends notes on gifts

You have to privately tell friends not to give your partner gifts like chocolate or bottles of flavored vodka. He can’t handle the sugar, but he may feel bad turning down the gift.


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