Let’s all admit it. We are not always jumping at the opportunity to see a doctor every time we feel some pain or some discomforting health issue. An aspirin here, a good night’s sleep there, a cup of hot tea or an herbal remedy and we feel as good as new.

Here are some health signs you should not take for granted;

You Have a Headache

Everybody has headaches from time to time, even children. According to specialists, most headaches don’t need immediate medical attention. You might need a breath of fresh air, some water, a few hours away from your computer or an aspirin.

There are several types of headaches,and they are associated with lack of sleep, hunger and skipped meals, poor body posture, sinus infections and colds, menstruation (in women), high blood pressure (or low blood pressure), indigestion, alcohol consumption and many more. If a headache comes on suddenly, severe and associated with some neurological symptoms such as dizziness, numbness, tingling, weakness, loss of balance, falling, fever symptoms, stiff neck, shortness of breath, rash, nausea or vomiting, you then need immediate medical attention.

You Feel Bloated and Abdominally Uncomfortable

You should keep track of your bloating and notice if it comes together with abdominal and pelvic pain and eating difficulties. Also, if you experience such symptoms daily for more than 2-3 weeks, then leave everything and call your doctor.

You Lose Weight and Don’t Mean to

Losing weight without doing anything about it is too good to be true. Many people associate sudden or significant weight loss (in the absence of diets and exercises) with stress, work overload, exams, career changes, family issues and so on. To some extent, losing a pound in a very stressful period of your life is not uncommon.

If you experience inexplicable weight loss that revolves around 5% or more in less than 12 months, you should see a doctor.

You Present White Patches on Your Tongue

Does your tongue look suspiciously white coated or patched? First, try to brush it properly for a few days or an entire week and see if the heavy white coating is still present. If the issue persists, you should think about a gastrointestinal imbalance you can fix with a probiotic diet or probiotic supplements.

If those probiotics and healthy fermented yogurts didn’t do the trick, you might want to see your physician.



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