`Age is nothing but a number we have often heard this phrase or used it on several occasions. But is it just a number when the woman is older in the relationship?

We have heard or witnessed scenarios where relationships end because the man isn’t comfortable with the age difference. While some end relationships because their parents are not comfortable with them.

Most times, people attribute age to maturity and are of the belief that the older you get, the more mature you are to make logical decisions and lead.

Regardless of this, we cannot deny that in recent times, there has been a higher number of relationships with this age difference dynamic that have turned out well and gradually, these types of relationships are beginning to gain popularity in society today.

As a woman, it’s best to understand that age shouldn’t be a barrier to finding your next partner. It should also not be the only reason why you are going into a relationship. There are far more important factors to consider when going into serious relationships like genotype, values, religion, financial capability, how you communicate and so on and so forth.

Any relationship between two people has its challenges, and older woman-younger man relationships are no different. At times, the gap in mindsets, financial security, goals, experience and other issues that come with certain relationships can be overwhelming.

However, people fall in love with a person, not their age. If you are in love and for the right reasons, your relationship can work.

Below are some reasons to consider before going into a relationship with someone

They clearly understand you: There’s nothing as satisfying as the knowledge that someone out there gets you, supports you, and is rooting for your success. Even when you make mistakes, you can count on that person to be there for you.

They make you happy: This is the type of happiness that makes a smile sheepishly flash on your face just by the mention of their name or when you’re about to see them. The joy that makes you look forward to closing from work so that you spend the rest of the night snuggled up against them and listening to the sound of their voice as you watch TV.

They communicate with you properly: They listen when you talk and do not try to talk above you. They are vulnerable with you; they tell you about their plans and include you in them. They don’t talk in a way to lower your self-esteem. Communication has a way of building a stronger bond between couples when done the right way.

They make you feel safe: This is another way of building intimacy. The thought of knowing you have someone who would be there for you no matter what. Another powerful benefit of being in a relationship is the feeling of safety that comes with it.

Have you ever ended a relationship with someone due to the age difference? Kindly share your experience in the comment section.

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