Businesses that have adopted the happiness model have been shown to become highly profitable contrary to what many may think ..(Fun causes employees to slack off). This is so wrong. Companies that place the happiness of their employees and customers as a top priority have successfully built great cultures of strength and an overexcited bank account.

As a startup entrepreneur, while building your company in your mind’s eye, be sure to place fun and happiness highly so that your business can have a rock-hard foundation. For the singular fact that you would spend the majority of your time in this place, with your team, you might as well make the most of everything by enjoying it. Don’t you think so?

Companies like Zappos, Southwest Airlines have adopted this happiness model and it has worked amazingly for them. “If employees are treated right, they treat the outside world right, the outside world uses the company’s product again, and that makes the shareholders happy”, says Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines

If you or your employees can’t go have fun because of “work”, you should just bring the fun back to the office. There isn’t any rule that says fun and work should be separate from each other. In fun, you work better, easier and with better results. Fun excites your creativity and gets you all high and fly with loads of inspiration to get your task done.

How inspired are you to work when you feel all stressed, grumpy, anxious or negative? How much work do you get done? What is the quality of the work you get done?  But when in a happy state, you feel really charged up and your creative sources start pouring in. You don’t even know when you have done more than you are expected to do because, in that mood, you are getting things done swiftly.

One recipe for productivity in business is happiness and fun because, in this state, the brain is more alert, open to ideas and possibilities, thereby causing you and your team to work at your highest potential. This happiness model is a win for everyone involved in your business:

  • Happy employees – always look forward to coming to work, and are excited attending to customers and even making them happy.
  • Happy customers – always come back to a place filled with positive energy and fun. They can even take it a step further to tell friends and family about your business, hence more patronage.
  • Happy CEO – always happy to be in your workplace and your passion and zeal to make your business a success increases.

Happy team members/employees have been shown to be very creative, productive and efficient in their jobs. All these sum up to an improved bottom line for your business. Richard Branson said, “Many assume that my business success has brought me happiness. But the way I see it, I am successful because I am happy”.

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