So, there is this great and amazing app that works wonders. It has such great and incredible features and it’s super easy to use. It’s called the SMILE APP. Ever heard of it before? Sure you have. God installed it in every one of us but we don’t use it as much as we should. The awesome thing about this app is despite the fact it doesn’t cost a dime, it just as easily brightens your day as it does another and it has no downside.

This app changes your world. It instills in you so much self-confidence, positivity, and the ability to believe in yourself. You suddenly feel you can do anything. It instigates you to get started on those procrastinated dreams and goals set a long while back. It makes life more wonderful as it gives you the power to color your world beautiful. It makes you rewrite your story.

Remember that quote, “Keep smiling and be happy. It drives people crazy”? That is another great feature of this app. It makes you feel untouchable – the power of the smile app. No matter how many lemons life throws at you, you don’t just cut it open and suck it dry… Naaaaa….You make lemonade. Take a chill pill and sip. A smile is the most beautiful gift you could give because it has the ability to change lives.

Because of your smile, someone may decide to give life another chance and let go of that suicide idea.

Because of your smile, someone may have hope again.

Because of your smile, the obstacles to achieving that goal is removed.

How so? You may wonder. It is because a smile rubs off on others. It makes your world a happy one and this attracts others. It makes you more friendly, lovable, and approachable. Most importantly, it makes you impact positively on the lives of others effortlessly.

Now, to activate this app,

Put the forefingers of both hands at the corners of your mouth. 

Make a slight pull upward until a curve is formed.

Using the thumb and forefinger on one hand, separate the lips to show your teeth (optional)

Drop your hands, leave the mouth in that upturned position, and look at the mirror.

How funny do you look? You think you look silly, right? Now, if for nothing else, smile genuinely at least for the funny goofy look on your face as you look in the mirror.

App successfully activated. Enjoy.

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