Ronda Colvin-Leary, an attorney from Snellville, was elected as the first Black person to ever be elected to any countywide position in Gwinnett County, Ga., was sworn in as a State Court Judge.

Colvin-Leary, who previously ran for the same position in 2016, earned her law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law and has been a member of the Georgia bar since 2001. She has experience in both criminal defence and prosecution and before being elected ran her own successful private practice law firm for 11 years, focusing on criminal law, contract law, juvenile law and personal injury. As a prosecutor, she served as the Solicitor for the city of Winder, Ga., for seven years.

Colvin-Leary told AJC after her election that she was looking forward to serving in the state court, because of the fact that she can work to address minor legal issues – such as civil actions, misdemeanours and traffic violations – before they can escalate.

“I love State Court because, for me, I like to think that … if you come to State Court we can try to address it before something else major happens and you wind up in Superior Court for a more serious offence,” Colvin-Leary said.

Colvin-Leary has been a member of the Georgia bar since 2001 Prior to her election she was the solicitor for Winder, Ga., and also had her own law practice in Lawrenceville, Ga., for over a decade.

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