Love grows. For love to grow in your marriage, the small things must matter. Simply checking on your loved ones makes the relationship stronger. Doing almost every possible thing together is a way to get relationships to be stronger. Love is like a garden, it grows when we pay close attention to it and it grows weeds when we forsake it.

Live your life today full of love. Love is one of the strongest and greatest forms of energy we can share with others. Seek to do the small things and see how it becomes very great things in your relationship. Seek to do the very small thing.

When people court, the relationship seems to be perfect because attention is paid to even the simplest things. You seek to appreciate your partner on every small accomplishment, you seek to do things together. You eat together, and many more.

At this stage, you are simply growing your love by the little things you are doing. At this stage, your love is growing and that is what makes you feel so over in love. The small things are catered for.

But after we get married, we seem to forget the small things and simply think that my partner would understand. It is like leaving a garden without paying attention and saying that the garden would understand what you are currently passing through. If you do not give it time, weeds would take over and it would soon be a bad place to visit as different dangerous animals would have sought abode in the garden.

So is our relationships. So take a few minutes today to grow your relationship and your love. Focus on the small things. It is always the small things that matter. The compound effect of the small things is the big effect but you must start small.

So take a few moments today to focus on the small things in your marriage. That is what matters.

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