Are you one of us “lazy” folks who find it easier to gym in our minds than actually, physically going to the gym? Or do you just find that due to lack of time, between keeping things organised at the homefront, pursuing your career, caring for your family, running errands etc., you can’t just make it to the gym?

Sometimes, you find it easier to just skip out on doing any workouts at all due to these time constraints.

However, there is no reason to ever put your health and wellness on the backburner all because you are “too busy” to care for yourself. Instead, you are more focused on others or on life.

To help fix this problem, there are a number of fitness and wellness apps out there, some free, some paid but all available to help keep us fit and in the best shape of our lives.

Understanding this struggle, as an actor, entrepreneur and family man, Boris Kodjoe together with his wife, Nicole Ari Parker decided to launch their KOFIT app to give people with as little as five free minutes in their day to get their fitness groove on.

Speaking at the Essence Festival, Kodjoe said,  “The time factor is a huge deal for people. We all have jobs. We all have families. We have careers. We have stuff to do. We never find time to go to the gym. We don’t have the equipment. We don’t have the access.”

For this reason, Boris and his wife made the app compatible with on-the-go users.

So, if you decide to take a stroll through the app store, you may most likely want to keep an eye open for KOFIT because this app is sure to get your heart rate and endorphins going in 20 minutes or less. You can try this before getting the kids ready for school or while that delicious food cooking on the stove doesn’t need your attention.

However, here are some other fitness apps as listed by Essence, you may find interesting to try:

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