Almost every Hollywood disaster film starts with the warnings of a scientist that was never adhered to.

What happens afterwards is definitely a disaster. In recent times, there’s been so much ado about a clean and green environment.

For some, it’s just another trend while for some it’s just another way NGOs and individuals are carrying out projects to get funding from bodies like the United Nations.

However, this is not the truth. Take a look at the environment you have now and what you used to have as a child. You will agree with me that the atmosphere was more refreshing but as a result of industrialization, we can’t say the same anymore.

So what in God’s sky is Going Green? It’s simply taking measures to become environmentally conscious in your decisions – using various everyday methods to reduce the harm that your living does to the environment.

Going green reduces air pollution and environmental toxins that could affect our body’s immune system that fights infections, and that could expose us to diseases and fatal illnesses. Another advantage of going green is that it helps decrease the number of pollutants released into the environment.

Another question is; Why go green? Regardless of wherever you go, people across the globe are now focusing on going green since it positively impacts the plant. From plastic bag recycling to the treatment of chemical products, people are trying to come up with new and useful ways that are sustainable and useful in helping the world go green.

But why exactly should you go green? Remember, even before you proceed with the process, it is important to understand the many benefits it comes with.

  1. Green Homes are More Durable

When you create an eco-friendly home, you are creating a more durable home. Recycled products have the tendency to last over five times longer than traditional materials. This also means that you will save more money when it comes to maintaining your home.

  1. Improves Your Health

By purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle and home, you can decrease the number of pollutants that are emitted into the air. This makes both the indoors and outdoors have cleaner air for you and others to breathe.

Ultimately, you will be breathing better air. Improved health means less spending on insurance products and hospital bills, which in turn will also save your costs in the long run.

  1. Improves Air Quality

Using all-natural products makes you a healthier person. When you are healthy, you are also naturally more productive in the workplace.

Note that the fewer chemicals in the products you use, the fewer toxins you and your family are breathing in. Everything from household products to cosmetic products can be purchased as an eco-friendly variant.

It has also been observed that green homes have better indoor air quality as paints and cleaners are low in volatile organic compounds. This low volatility alone makes it comfortable for homeowners to breathe.

  1. Clean and Green Environment

When you go green, you are effectively reducing your carbon footprint. By reducing pollution, you are also reducing the amount of energy that is being consumed, thereby making way for a greener and cleaner environment.

  1. Slowdown Climate Change

Human activities are the reasons behind the abrupt global warming reports NASA. The Paris Agreement, a global initiative, came into effect in late 2016, with ratification from 145 countries, to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius reports the UNFCCC. All the individual actions which reduce air pollution also help stop climate change.

Despite international efforts to protect forests and other habitats, a scientific 2016 study found that half of 825 natural ecosystems were still at a high risk of being destroyed, so more action is still necessary.  Encourage green practices to impact the environment in a number of ways.

  1. Effects on Human Health and Wildlife

Green living can save lives because air pollution has become “a major environmental health risk,” according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which has led to the premature death of 3 million people.

Decreasing air pollutants would reduce water pollution by decreasing acid rain and eutrophication that can harm wildlife, especially in aquatic environments, and crops and trees report  Massachusetts’ Department of Environmental Protection.

  1. Ensures a Better Future for Your Kid

If you want to create a better environment for your child, it is high time you go green. By choosing to follow the sustainable route, you are creating a cleaner and brighter future for your children and generations after.

  1. Reduces Carbon Emissions by Green Travel

When you choose a green mode of transportation either by carpooling or public transportation, you actually reduce your carbon emissions which also reduces your carbon footprint.

Using fewer numbers of vehicles on roads means less pollution in the air. So, at the end of the day, you end up spending less money spent on gasoline and car maintenance.

  1. Prevent Water Pollution

Water pollution is caused by point sources where wastes are discharged into rivers and oceans, according to the National Ocean Atmospheric Administration. Non-point pollution includes soil erosion, agricultural runoff loaded with fertilizers and pesticides, and urban runoff containing oil, pet and garden wastes explains the Environmental Protection Agency’s Non-Point Sources page (EPA Non-Point Sources). Green living reduces waste that avoids unauthorized disposal and also prevents water pollution.

  1. Help Local Economy

Due to the rise of supermarkets, farmers in your locality are struggling to run their businesses. You can provide support by shopping for local organic and seasonal products from local farmers for eating. Visit the local market and buy fresh produce from people who are directly producing them ethically. By supporting local businesses, more money stays in your community, and you help your community to grow and develop in all respects.

Going green can make a big difference in how you perceive the world around you. Taking a few small steps at a time can make a big impact on the people and the world around you. These are all viable and easy ways that you could go green. It does not take much time, just a little compassion and effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace these sustainable and healthy habits to make the world a better place for you and your loved ones.

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