Running on empty at work just doesn’t cut it. Keeping up just for the paycheck, but your heart is missing when the pen hits the paper, isn’t worth it. Stop counting the minutes until quitting time; when even in those moments, nothing is really getting done.

When you don’t love what you do or haven’t motivated yourself to be totally into work, it’s really hard to avoid giving the bare minimum.

The trick to turning things around sometimes is in another job. But often, it’s right in the mirror. Motivation is a huge piece of the puzzle. But changing how you feel is not easy. It starts with imagining yourself in a better place in your job. It begins with improving your work ethic.

Here us how to switch things up;

Organize your time better

Change is not going to happen overnight. It is going to take planning, networking, and pushing to change bad habits.

It didn’t take overnight to get you to be less than productive at work. Therefore, it is going to take a while to dig a new reality for yourself. Start by being organized at how you spend time both on and off the clock.

Being too tired and buried in disorganization will hinder anybody from seeing clearly down the road in front of them. It just builds frustration and disappointment. You’re never able to meet deadlines or keep up because you forgot something, or you can’t find a paper in your files.

Taking your work ethic from the bare minimum to exceptional begins with organization. You need a calendar, desk organizers, and time management techniques to getting the most important tasks done first.

Find a support system

You need people around you that believe in you. The greatest challenge we have at work and at home is when people see less, instead of more, of your abilities.

It’s hard to see yourself for who you really are when you’re constantly on the defense from a bad boss or a disrespectful coworker. Also, when there is trouble at home. You have to start with a little hope and faith in yourself – even if other people don’t see it. Then eventually, when other people do see it, they drop out of the equation and your real supporters will step up.

Love what you do

The difference between resenting the time you spend at work, versus enjoying what you do is like night and day.

When you change the direction with the power of positive thoughts and good old-fashion passion, this is when things change. What happens when the winds start to change the direction of the sail is they fill with air – and hope. All the sudden, things pick up at work. Your work ethic goes from being the bare minimum to exceptional.

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