There’s no one in the world like you. Every single person on Earth is made up of different combinations of love and hate and happiness and depression and problems and answers. Of spite and care and pain and pleasure. Each and every person on earth is their own amazing mixture and no one can ever compare to you. You are you. Loud or quiet, thin or fat, book smart or street smart.

You might be one person’s dream come true, but another’s worst nightmare and that’s ok. What’s important is knowing the difference.

It’s so easy to be offended when we enjoy being around someone and they don’t like us back. And it doesn’t just happen romantically. It can happen between anyone.

The thing is, some people just aren’t compatible. Some combinations of happy and sad and reckless and tame just don’t work well together, or they might not work mutually. Some combinations work well together for years, but someone’s balance of peace and chaos shifting can throw the whole dynamic off. Just because we admire someone else doesn’t mean they have to like us back.

So, what happens when people don’t admire us back? They tolerate us. They put up with us because it won’t kill them. We aren’t awful and they let us hang around because it’s uncomfortable to ask us not to. They tolerate us because it’s polite and they feel guilty for not liking us back.

But that doesn’t mean you aren’t worth it. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve every good thing in the world.

You need to find the people that will celebrate you. The people that you are mutually compatible with. The people who invite you over and ask you to stay. The people who set up lunch dates. The people who not only respond to your texts, but who ask you questions back. The people who hook up with you because they want to. The people who want to stay up with you talking about the universe. The people who will sit in your room while you do work just so they can spend time with you.

You ‘ve got worth, I hope you find out just how much. 

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