Steven Furtick got my attentuion when he said “The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” There is no doubt about this.

You may think everyone is better than you are, but you are only seeing the image they portray to others. You are actively comparing their highlight reel to your intimate knowledge of every flaw that you have which doesn’t make any sense at all. Everyone has their own fears and weaknesses — after all, we’re all human. Stop comparing yourself to others, because you’ll always come up short.

You have to improve as a human being right? And you might think that you’re a real fixer-upper if there ever was one and you’re really embarrassed about that because there are 50 things that are wrong with you along with the fact that you’re compounding it with comparing yourself to others.

The problem with that mindset is that it’s unfair.

When you look at others who are supposedly “better” than you, you’re actually only looking at one dimension at one slice of time. It’s not reasonable to have the whole picture and then you get down on yourself and become depressed or neurotic — there’s nothing good about that.

But, we still arrive at the conclusion that you still need to improve and you aren’t fully who you could become so what do we compare your current self to? We compare your current self to who you were yesterday and we make incremental changes on that foundation of comparison to yourself.

There is nothing wrong with admiring others, or allowing someone else to inspire us, but don’t fall into the trap of comparing to them.  Remember, the real comparison we need to be making is with who we were yesterday.

The person in the mirror is the real competition.

Every night when you go to bed, ask yourself, “Was I better today than I was yesterday?”

The real competition is YOU becoming a better parent, a better spouse, a better employee, a better boss a better friend.  It’s all about YOU and has nothing to do with someone else.   The question you should ask every day is this: “Who am I becoming, and am I becoming someone who is better than I was  yesterday?”

Are you becoming a better person of character?  Are you more reliable today?  Are your convictions stronger today?  Are you more positive today? Is your influence reaching more people today?  Are you more determined today to reach your goals than you were yesterday?  These are the questions you should be asking.

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