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Unlike your average 10-year-old, Erica Tandoh is quite different and can be described as a child with the mind of an adult; described as extremely curious and very intelligent by her parents, Erica who is the only girl out of five kids started deejaying at a young age of 9 after she became interested in the art of deejaying.

I started deejaying when I was nine years and I just wanted to try my hand at it… Being a young DJ is not that difficult, when you are being taught in school you pick everything fast, so when you are being taught deejaying you also pick it up fast,” she said.

Popularly known as DjSwitch, Erica came into the spotlight after she won a Ghanian Talent Show for kids called the TV3’s Talented Kids; she has also won Ghana’s annual DJ Award despite spending less than 2 years in the industry. When asked how she plans to cope in a male-dominated industry, Erica says her talent and passion will guide her through.

Although for her, deejaying is just something she would do on the side later in future because she hopes to study medicine and become a gynaecologist in other to help treat women and girls who have issues with their reproductive organs.

What I am doing now as a DJ is only a passion. I know I am very good at it and people love it but that is not what I want to do in future. I want to become a medical doctor. In fact, I want to become a gynaecologist. She said

Currently a student of Ideas Junior College at Suame-Dadieso, Erica says she would continue to perform at events whenever she is contacted but doesn’t fail to emphasise that her education is priority in order for her to be able to achieve her dreams.

Watch her Interview with BBC Africa below.

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