If you notice that your Fitfam motivation is waning, give more attention to your diet. Do your goals involve weight loss, health, nutrition or being more active? These steps can guide you to achieve what you want.

Stay on top of your nutrition.

To help maintain your energy throughout the day, build balanced meals and snacks. For meals, combine at least three of the five food groups. This helps ensure that you take in all the nutrients your body requires each day, and enable you to feel satisfied after each meal.

Pair at least two food groups for snacks. A protein-rich food with a nutrient-rich carbohydrate choice is the best combination. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for your muscles and brain while protein provides the building blocks required to build and repair your muscles.

Think about what you really want to achieve.

Your goal may include physical activity changes, such as running two miles without stopping or practising yoga two mornings each week. Or, it may be altering your eating behaviours, such as preparing at least three healthy, balanced meals at home each week or eating one fresh fruit each day.

Remember that keeping fit or losing weight is not a goal; it is a result.

Goals are the actions that you take to reach a result. Set short-term goals (about two to six weeks long) and take some time to create your list.

Make each goal as specific as possible, achievable, and something that you desire. In order to make your goals come true, the desire to achieve it has to come from you.


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