I lost my job at the end of February, my boss called me into a meeting announcing that the business was downscaling and would no longer be needing my services. She offered that I could apply for a different role that had now opened up within the business but I knew within my heart that it wasn’t a role I was interested in.

For the longest time, I had contemplated leaving the 9-5 hustle for the world of entrepreneurship but I kept feeling like I needed a crutch. I kept feeling like perhaps, it just wasnt time and I had been afraid for so long to take the plunge.

After leaving my job, my first week was a breeze as I was still rather optimistic and I had figured this was finally an opportunity for me to take stock of my life. By the second week, it dawned on me that my savings might not carry me into the next month and by the third week, I started feeling like a waste of space sitting at home being useless all day.  I went to a series of interviews and nothing was quite clicking. Then I turned to fashion, which had been my first love but that didn’t pan out either, there were too many competitors and the market was saturated, I had no idea where to begin.

I had been invited to a shoppers’ party that was organised by my former employer as there was no bad blood, I understood the demands of the market and knew that her decision couldn’t be helped. I ended up attending the shopper party. There, I spotted this lady wearing a lovely raffia bag which caught my attention. An idea was borne but it went over my head until I spotted a mallam close to my house who was making them. He offered to make me some at no cost initially and he brought them to me and I was duly impressed. I posted the photos onto my Twitter expecting no response as I had earlier done with my fashion illustration which yielded no fruit but this time around, my phone started blowing up.

Within two weeks, I had delivered over 50 bags.

The bags which I nicknamed ‘Apo’-a yoruba term for bags have become a consistent money-making venture which I never saw coming. Knowing how trends tend to evolve and the forecast that these raffia bags which are hot today may not be tomorrow; I have since started a food business as I’ve always loved to cook and so far, so good! I’m getting to do what I love and it’s showing up in my bank account.

If there’s anything this experience has taught me, it’s that blessings exist in areas where we may not expect. When God said ‘All things work together for my good’ He sure knew something I didn’t.



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