Being away from work or business due to ‘Mommy duties’ comes with some realisations. Things are bound to have changed while you were away but you can surely catch up. It’s a fact of life. Lots of women – with steady or even flourishing career paths –  choose to take time off for being a full-time parent. Taking a step away from work to raise a family can be a matter of both great pleasure and some personal sacrifice.

Many women find that their career preferences are different after a passage of time. You might need to find out where your present interest lies.

A few days of online research should tell you a lot about the trends in your chosen field. Find out who’s hiring and what skill sets employers want. Get in touch with past employers, connect with old bosses and colleagues. If you had good working relationships, chances are it’ll open a few doors or at least get you useful pointers.

Remember that you are not who you used to be. Figure out your requirements first. Do you have time or flexibility constraints? Are you open to travel or even a longer commute? Do you have a support system in place? You need to figure all this out.


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