The term Work Life Balance is fascinating, in that so many consider it to be an oxymoron. “How can work and life ever balance?” is the usual refrain.

And really, how do you do this when work is but a part of your larger life story?  Yes, we need work to continue to challenge ourselves, grow professionally or to earn our livelihood, yet for many of us women looking to get back into a career, our biggest fear is the ability to handle it all.

Standing at that crossroads, ask yourself – does your professional well-being drive personal happiness? Or could it be the other way round.

Goal setting

Write down your professional and personal goals, if you are caught in a ‘how to fit it all in’ crunch. Pen down your ideal work/life day. Come up with a fluid trade-off. So maybe each day will not follow a plan of “x” hours at work and “y” on the other aspects of your life. Be realistic, but don’t postpone the time frame of balance, to when you retire. Identify what you want from your life and enjoy the journey.

Learn to say “no”

Deliberate carefully on the work at hand. Perhaps, it’s better to not add another project and instead do justice to what you have in hand.

Balance in a balanced way

Make sure you focus on all facets of life. Enrich yourself physically/ socially/ emotionally/ intellectually. When you struggle in a particular area of life, it creates anxiety in a ripple effect in all the other areas of your life.


Plan  to plug off. Don’t become a slave to your screens; instead tame it. Especially, keep the phone away during those meal times or fun times with family and friends.

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