If you have ever had cause to crack, chip, split or break your nails and felt terrible afterwards because you were thinking you ‘d have to yank off the reaming ones then you are reading the right post. I should be sounding a performance discretion but don’t panic, it’s worth trying. It works for a day or two, but it’s best to head to your manicurist for a more permanent fix.

You will be needing:

A teabag, a base or top coat, a fine nail file, a nail polish— to cover and seal and a pair of scissors.

  1. Cut out a section from the teabag.
  2. Apply base coat to ensure the teabag sticks.
  3. Place teabag on the nail, covering the crack.
  4. Trim teabag to fit your nail.


5. Smooth out the teabag, then add another teabag layer if required.

6.  Wait for your base coat to dry.

7. Buff off the excess teabag and file the edges down.

8. Paint the nail as you normally would.

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