‘Godfidence’ has come to mean from the urban dictionary, Confidence with a table spoonful of God. It is the ability to walk with your head held high knowing that God has you at the back of his palm and because He does, you’ll always be well taken care of. This piece by writer and vlogger, Moji Coker is a good reminder for those of us who didn’t have a great year and who now reflect with the had I knowns, it is also great motivation for those who did have a great year and were able to flourish. One of the most appealing things about God is that he does not change. Our seasons might differ but He is God all the same and because we know this and we know of his faithfulness, it is good enough reason to always have that little extra Godfidence.
Have a read below.
I was reading the story of David and Goliath some time ago (it’s one of my favorite), a story I’m sure we’ve read so many times and I got a lot of amazing things from it, but one thing stuck out to me in 1Samuel17: 48 and it says:
“So it was, when the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, that David hurried and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.” 
The bible says David “Hurried and ran towards…” This got me thinking. Here was Goliath, a mighty man of war, exeperienced and who had been oppressing the army of the Israelites for 40days non stop.
What confidence did David have? How was he so sure a stone that possibly won’t kill a rat would kill this giant before him?
David didn’t even stand still and wait for Goliath to approach him, he wasn’t even scared one bit. He went and faced the problem (Goliath) head on.
It’s obvious that his confidence was in God and He knew that this problem could not stand anywhere beside the God that he knows and serves. He didn’t run, hide, shy away nor was he afraid, discouraged at the size of his opponent, no. He HURRIED and ran towards him and defeated him with a sling and stone.
My question to you is how big is that problem? What is that thing that has been oppressing you for so long? Are you running away, hiding, discouraged, afraid, defeated?
I want you to know that we serve the Almighty God, and no problem no matter how large can stand where He is. Like David, let your confidence, hope and trust be in this God who is able to save and deliver from all. Fret not but face that situation head on, knowing that you’ve got God on your side. For if God be for you, who can be against you?
Don’t run away from your situation, but like David run towards it with all godfidence that you shall defeat it and come out victorious in Jesus name, amen.
Remember victory belongs to Jesus, and if you have Jesus, you’ve won the victory too.

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