One action that is linked with the Christian life is the need to show actions of generosity. From cover to cover, the word of God unravels this great need to be met however due to the reactions of people in the world today, we are tempted to shrink away from this. But does God really care about us being generous? Yes, he does.

We, sometimes narrow this down to simply giving money alone but it goes beyond this. You can give your warmest smiles, prayers, time, materials, appreciation and good thoughts.

You pay your last bill for the month. Every month it feels like you will not have enough to cover everything, but somehow you’ve managed to make it work, for now.

Then you realize another Sunday is approaching, and you haven’t given to your church this month. So you check your bank account. There isn’t much left, but you decide to give a portion of it. “At least I gave something,” you tell yourself.

Wrapped in this commonly experienced scenario lies one of the biggest misunderstandings of God’s design for our resources.

Generosity was never meant to be a leftover. Generosity was meant to be the priority.

The priority of generosity is woven throughout the Bible. Scripture reveals that we are to give our first and our best. No more is this powerfully displayed than when God Himself gives us His first and best, his one and only Son. God leads the way in showing us how generosity is the priority, not a leftover.

God designed us, not to be hoarders, but conduits through which His generosity flows. When we get rid of generosity killers, we get to experience the peace, contentment, and connection that God has in store for us.

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