Gabrielle Union will be producing and starring in an adaptation of author and beauty expert Tia Williams’ 2016 novel The Perfect Find.

Variety reports that Union’s production company, I’ll Have Another, has gained exclusive rights to the best-selling book and intends to make it a big screen romantic comedy. This is the actress’ third time executive producing a film she is performing in. The film’s screenplay is being written by Leigh Davenport, a former producer and consultant at BET.

Williams explained how the adaptation came to be in a caption on her Instagram page. “Two years ago, I published a novel called “The Perfect Find.” A year ago, @gabunion read it, loved it, told me so, and I figuratively fainted. And today…this,” she wrote.

“LIFE, MAN. Even when the stakes seem crazy and the obstacles insurmountable, do that nutty thing you love. Make yourself do it. You never know where it’ll go,” she continued.

Williams’ has used her background as a well-respected beauty editor to create frothy but lifelike novels set in New York’s black media landscape. Her heroines are flawed but well-meaning women navigating their careers and love live in a world where it’s appropriate to have six black cocktail dresses and no couch. Union will be playing Jenna Jones a former New York power player who returns to the city after a break-up induced professional hiatus to find an industry where the budgets are smaller, the expectations are higher, and the men are hotter.

After accepting the only job she can find from her frenemy Darcy she finds herself overwhelmed by co-workers who are more into Snapchat than copyediting. When she finally catches up with how things have shifted she has a new challenge the younger man she’s been seeing isn’t who she thinks he is.

The Perfect Find will begin shooting in 2019.

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