African prints are a beauty to behold. They are omnipresent and common materials for clothing in Africa, especially West Africa. They are industrially produced, colorful cotton cloths with batik printing, sometimes in tribal-like patterns and motifs. African prints come in a variation of colours and rich cultural designs.

These prints are more like a general fashion statement but narrowing down to different tribes, you ‘d find a rich embedded African fashion statement The Kente worn by the Ghanian Akan’s and the Kitenge worn by the people of Eastern and Central Africa.



Waking up to the chaotic traffic and daily bustle of men, women and children going about work, business and school; It is pretty normal to find women dressed in corporate clothes-gowns, pants, skirts and suits through the week. As soon as Friday approaches, it seems that the fashion police has flashed a ‘Halt card’ to dressing in corporate. Fridays are always forward to, it’s the end of the week, a good period to unwind and get refreshed, a pretty good period to kick off stilettos and enjoy the feel of your feet on the bare floor.

There is deep desire to dress down especially among Africans. Though times are fast changing and women now rock African prints even within the week. One gets curious to know how did this all come about? From my findings, majority claimed that in Islam, Friday is day require for you to wear your best clothes for worshippers going to the mosque while a cross-section of other women feel since its a less serious work day – “Then let’s just dress down.” Some women feel it is an occasion to display the rich culture of Africa and others just go with the flow.

These are the opinions of other people but I just thought about you – Yes, you!

Why do you dress in African prints on Fridays? Share your thoughts about this in the comment section. 


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