I am sure most of our parents waited till we got to a certain age before they started taking notes of some the things we did. The way we acted amongst our peers, what we said and how we related with the opposite sex. The truth is, the world is changing everyday and the earlier we begin to pay attention to our girl child the better for us.

It is painful that the world is cold towards the female child and body shaming is growing at a fast rate. Girls are ridiculed for having stretch marks, for being fat/skinny, for their height and colour, for having athletic physic and so. It is only normal that these external factors will try to reduce their self-esteem.

Here is what you can do to help build your daughter’s confidence:

  • Help her know she is beautiful and smart: The world is filled with so much hate today and it’s a pity that our kids have to go out and face this harsh reality. It is important to remind our daughters of how smart, beautiful and complete they are. Helping them realise this at an early stage, helps them to be resilient.
  • Point out positive role models for her to learn from: This can be done through reading their books or making them attend any conference held by these role models. Show her women influencing the world in different areas of life and talk to her on how it is possible for her to achieve her dreams
  • Always appreciate their effort: It is normal for a 10-year-old girl not be the best trumpet blower in school. But it is also important for you to appreciate their effort whenever you notice an improvement.
  • Create a friendly environment for them: A friendly environment helps them to be very expressive. In the world where we are in today where almost everything is digital; young girls learn not only from schools but also from the internet. Therefore, they have lots of questions and are inquisitive.  Always create a welcoming environment for them because it gives you the room to know more about them, build a strong bond and answer their uncertainties.

Dont forget:

”Girls are pearls, ladies are rubies, mothers are moulders and women are wonderful’


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