In your solitary time or in traffic, the apps on your phone are your closest buddies. Apps are usually for necessities while some are just to kill time. Times are changing and if you are tech-savvy, you will agree with me that the technology of creating apps are as dynamic as the fashion industry for women’s new apps that meet our daily needs spring up regularly. Some come up with updates, this is an essential part of meeting up to the needs of users.

Tech has not always been female-friendly but with the advent of these apps, you will begin to think differently;


A smartphone app has been newly launched that provides a personalised safety plan, connecting women in abusive relationships to local helplines, shelters and counsellors without being judged or stigmatised. myPlan will be available in some African countries next year.

Dr Nancy Glass,the professor heading the myPlan Research, said the app is a safety decision tool to help women learn about healthy relationships, recognise any red flags in their relationships and asserts the risk of repeated and severe violence. It was developed by researchers at the Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, to help women both to identify if they are in an abusive relationship and to leave safely. The app currently has about 10,000 users in the United States and versions in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Available on Android and iOS.


Workout for Women

Are you too weak or a bit indisciplined that you can’t hold a plank for 120 seconds during a work out session, then this is for you. You can donkey kick and squat while a voice from your smartphone keeps you from lying down and wheezing. Workout for Women barks out bossy orders and digital encouragement while extending your endurance levels during workout sessions.

Available on Android and iOS



You did be surprised to know that some women do not know when their next menstrual bleeding issues due. Women with irregular menstrual flow will fall love on with this. Clue gets to know your cycle over a course of few months. It achieves this by keeping track of your bleeding days and predicting when your next period is due. It can track your energy level, appetite, skin, digestion  and tells you when you’re most fertile.

Available on Android and iOS


Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series

Pocket Camp gives you a cute and accessible idle experience that feels like a genuine entry in the Animal Crossing series. While it’s not packing the same level of features, it’s still a neat thing to have on your phone. It has you running your own campsite with its own unique style. You’re free to invite over friends and complete favours for them in exchange for a bunch of goodies.

So if  you ’re decorating our house with trinkets or befriending every villager, there is always something to do in the charming world Isabelle and friends inhabit.

Available on Android and iOS