Just as people need a circle of friends, teachers, counsellors, and administrators to nurture their academic life, you need a career circle to help you navigate the workplace. Developing healthy work-related relationship can improve career path and have a huge impact on your work style.

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.”

-John Donne

These people help you to rebound, get more social, learn more and improve your work-related growth. Here are four people you need to improve your career path;

The Coach 

Most companies will provide executive coaches to their top performers who they have identified as a future leader. If your company isn’t willing to give you an executive coach, consider paying for your own. At some point in your career, you are going to need an executive coach. An executive coach is typically a trained professional who helps you become aware of your blind spots, strengths, and the issues holding you back from being your best self at work.

The Work Friend 

This is a relationship formed over time and not the first few weeks on the job. You want to take time to make sure you can really trust him or her with your thoughts. Therefore, build this relationship over time.  Once that trust is established, a work friend can help you make sense of tomfoolery in the office, help you come up with a game plan to outsmart that power-grabbing colleague or just be a good shoulder to cry on when you screw up.

The Mentor 

A mentor typically understands the ins and outs of your career or industry and can give you timely advice on how to tackle thorny subjects at work or life. You should have multiple mentors over the years. A mentor can be someone you work with or someone in your career working at another company.

The Therapist

It is not strange to find women walk into their workplace saddled with the burden of their personal lives. Regardless of the source of pain in your life, adding a good therapist to the mix will help you at home and work.


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