Lipstick will make you feel like a million dollars no matter your mood – Meagan Karr


One go-to makeup product for every girl is the Lipstick. Trends keeps changing in fashion and style, and with Lipsticks there are no exceptions . And here is your personal guide on the lipstick trends ruling 2018.


2017 was all wearing  Matte lipsticks and we loved it but there’s a switch up in the trends to satin and glossy. This trend is going to be one of the raging lipstick trends of 2018, all you need is a lipstick and a lip gloss.The good news is lip gloss now comes in.


This trend started late 2017 and it seems like it’s going to be around for while, it isn’t difficult to achieve at all, apply your lipstick and focus on the cupid’s bow. When you’re done applying your lipstick use your highlighter to outline your Cupid’s bow


This is classic and classics never fade out. Nude lips were in trend 2017 but  from the golden globes awards to the London fashion week we can see that the bold red lip is never going to go out of trend. Are you looking at your makeup purse asking yourself what shade of red you should get next? Not to worry, you have a wide range to pick from; from berry to Russian roulette


The two-tone lip shade has been in trend for quite a while now and if you are yet to try them, you should hurry now, go on and give it a try! It is catchy and if you’re a lipstick lover you would love it. All you need to do is, get two lipsticks in different shades but same colour spectrum, outline your lips with the darkest lipstick and smudge the lighter shade on your outer lip. Make sure you blend well after the application.


This is no new trend and its comeback has been huge, have you been wondering why you are seeing young women walking around  wearing dark lipsticks and some are even wearing blue! Don’t be alarmed, they are just lipstick addicts who are eager to rock this trend before it fades out again. You should try it, it gives you a classic edgy look.

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