Founder’s Message

I have always held the belief that there exists in each one of us, the ability to change the world we live in for the better. While most of us hold that transformative power, I believe the power of the woman is one that is not acknowledged enough. This was the drive that led me to start the Rose of Sharon Foundation to empower widows and orphans.

I see the cruelty when society turns its back on these women, but you know what? God does not turn His back on them, because He is the husband of the widow and the father of the fatherless, that is why He called some of us to wipe away those tears. We are doing it for God, He sent us on a mission and that mission we must fulfil, because we must do it with the fear of God in our hearts.

Through fulfilling that mission which God has placed on my heart as my purpose, I realised that there needs to be a greater drive to pull together not only widows but women of all ages to encourage one another and help lift each other up to achieve our greatest and fullest potential.

At Flourish Africa, that is what drives us every day. We are creating an online community where young women can engage in intellectual dialogue to uplift, empower, and inspire each other no matter what age.

Young millennial women today are our future. They hold the promise of tomorrow and they are destined to become strong pillars of society supporting their partners to fulfil God’s purpose in life. But often, these young girls tend to be distracted by the allure of short cuts. What we see today, is everyone trying to be rich without doing the work. Everyone wants a piece of the pie! Everyone wants to be connected to the ‘Oga’ at the top etc. There is a strong need to change the narrative and provide a discourse that strengthens the moral fibre of young women and teach them the values they need to fulfil their potential. Empowerment through education as a platform should not be taken lightly. This is imperative for us at Flourish Africa.

For those in the quagmire of uncertainty and doubt, one of the most important ways I have found that helped me in times of darkness is an inspirational word from God followed by the inspirational journey of those who have gone ahead of us. Flourish Africa is designed to provide this solace and draws upon the experience of great women from all walks of life who have carried the mantle of success and know what it takes to live a life of value and substance.

I encourage you to be a part of this amazing online community where we help each other grow with God and uplift each other and most importantly Flourish together.


Folorunso Alakija

Founder, Flourish Africa