On June 17th, 2015, Dylann Roof went on a shooting rampage that killed nine black parishioners who had gathered at the Charleston, South Carolina, church for Bible study. Felicia Sanders, the mother of one of the nine victims, was there when her son, Tywanza Sanders, was shot to death.

However, at Roof’s sentencing hearing, she told him, “I forgive you.”

“That’s the easiest thing I had to do. But you don’t want to help somebody who don’t want to help themselves,” she told her son’s killer, according to ABC affiliate WCIV. “May God have mercy on your soul.”

“You took my love away from me, and since June 17 I’ve gotten to know you,” Sanders said to Roof at his sentencing hearing, according to WCIV. “I know you because you are in my head all day.”

How terrible can be? Can you even begin to imagine the pain of this woman and the other families who had their loved ones taken away from them?

Can we bring ourselves to forgive as Felicia Sanders did?

When we ask for God’s grace to forgive, He definitely will give us. We are sometimes angry with God when we find ourselves in daring situations as those cited above. We can’t help but wonder: “Where was God when my daughter was raped and screaming for help till she died?’’ “Where was God when that murderer shot my son and left him to bleed to death?”

Where is God when bad things happen?

These and many other questions come to our minds and sometimes makes us wonder if God is really just seated on His throne and watch as untold pain and agony befalls His children.

Let’s not forget that for everything that happens, God has a reason and He permits some “bad” things so His name can be glorified in all things. We can see this in the story of Job in the bible. Why did He permit the death of Martyrs? Why did He do nothing when those who believed in Him were haunted down and killed because of their faith in Him? Why did He permit that some of the early Christians die in a horrible way.

We may not understand God’s reason. We may not even be able to fathom it. All of that is not for us to do. What we are meant to do is TRUST GOD. BELIEVE GOD. HAVE FAITH IN HIM because at the end, all is to the glory of His name and for the great and beautiful life He has for us. As humans, we are short-sighted. He is the God with the all-seeing eye. He knows the end from the beginning. Let us TRUST HIM.

Every moment in life; every situation in life means more than the eyes can see.

The best we can do is submit ourselves to Him and let His will be done. He told us to forgive 70×7 times. He doesn’t expect us to begin to count the number of times we forgive until it’s equal to 70×7. What He simply means is that we should always forgive no matter how many times, no matter how difficult.

PHOTO CREDIT: Reconciling Ministries Network

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