You hop out of bed at 5am, pack your lunch, guzzle some coffee, throw on a blazer, and then buckle in for a good hour of driving through crazy traffic. You arrive at the fluorescent light-filled office you work at, where one of your many supervisors tells you to work through lunch to fix a minor problem that wasn’t your fault. On the 2-hour drive home, you ponder on the possibility of working with some ease.

Remote working comes to mind. What are the perks that come with it?

You gain control over your life, so you can work when and where you want, but you can still reap the benefits of working for a company—benefits like job security, a reliable monthly paycheck, and the excitement that comes from working with others.

As the world continues to evolve, jobs are emerging that often require employees to work remotely.

This could be a full time or part-time. However, most times jobs that fall within this zone include; freelance writers, editors, digital marketers, android developers customer service managers, graphics designers and more. The Internet has created a vast array of positions that can be done from anywhere with a dependable Internet connection.

You can work anywhere you want – from your house, favourite coffee shop or even co-working spaces. Sometimes, you might tend to be indisciplined, but these tips can help keep you in check;

Wake up at a consistent time

Well, first of all, it’s important to try and wake up at a consistent time. Obviously, this doesn’t always need to be the case and you can still have late nights but if you want to deliver your best work then waking up at the same time is a great way to start the day.

Work in blocks of time

Dividing your time into blocks where you concentrate solely on one task at a time can be a great way to improve your concentration and delivery. This can be hugely beneficial to your remote working day as it helps to eliminate distractions and allow you to focus on a particular topic.

 If you can, leave your phone in another room. This will ensure you aren’t interrupted and can properly apply yourself to a task! You can also check out the Pomodoro technique for a killer time management technique.

Schedule breaks into your day

It’s important to work productively but doesn’t underestimate the importance of breaks within your remote working day. Scheduling in regular, short breaks will help you keep your focus and ensure you can continue to think creatively about your tasks. Being able to hit a time, say 11am, and knowing you can get up to make your second coffee of the day is a dream.

I’ve frequently found that having breaks actually allows me to think through complex problems away from a screen. As a result, I usually end up finding better solutions that I might not otherwise have thought about.


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