Can you remember that special day you said “I do” to each other? Can you remember how handsome and dashing he looked as he just stood there at the altar, waiting for you to come to meet him? Can you remember feeling like the luckiest person in the world to have the love of such a dashing Prince Charming?

Days turned into weeks…Weeks into months…..Months into years……

Where did all the love go? And do not even say, “Life happened”.

Life always happens and sometimes it spins out of control but we are the pilots of our own affairs and so we can direct things how we want them.

Make out time for your significant other. Never let your relationship/marriage run stale or grow cold all because you both are too busy for each other. Your love life shouldn’t be “Once upon a time”.

Leave the work talk in the office and come home to enjoy yourselves and each other’s company. Even if you must discuss work, let it be done leisurely when you are telling each other about your day not burying your heads in some more work.

Go on dinner dates even if you are 20 years in the married life. Surprise each other with gifts and treats every other time. Make sacrifices for each other after all you are now a “we” and no more a “me”. Shower each other with love and affection. You can never be too busy to forget how to show love to each other.

The chase doesn’t stop after you get married. Every day of your married life should be you getting up and falling in love with each other all over again. Never lose sight of why you love each other and fell in love with each other in the first place.

You have to keep the magic alive in your marriage; in your home and this can only be done the moment you understand the importance of family…..the importance of each other.

Learn to appreciate each other. Stop with the nagging and engage in heartfelt discussions. Learn to not only listen to each other but to act also. Now, this is COMMITMENT. This is DEDICATION.

The day you made those vows and declaration of love before God and the world, you became one. Love each other and help each other overcome each other’s shortcomings. Promote each other’s strengths and not weaknesses.

You are meant to find shelter and solace in each other’s arms and not be the one to cause the sad tears to flow constantly down each other’s cheeks or jab each other’s hearts.

Share your problems; discuss your worries; unburden your heart to each other and don’t bottle things up. You are each other’s pillar of strength. Complement him even when he is covered in sweat after fixing that broken stereo or tap faucet or generator.

The love you feel for each other is meant to supersede physical beauty instead it is meant to be felt strongly from the heart.

Be thankful for each other and appreciate all the beautiful memories you have created. Be thankful for the ups and downs, the sad and happy moments, and the teary and joyful times. Without these, you wouldn’t be the strong team you are today.

Be proud of each other and your achievements. Celebrate each other every time you get. You are each other’s priceless gifts.

PHOTO CREDIT: Happenings

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