Born July 5, 1975, Nigerian born British-American Actress, Sope Aluko has always loved acting but couldn’t pursue her dreams due to her parent’s disapproval. She has a masters degree in marketing and has worked in the corporate world for 15 years.

Although she ventured into acting late, Sope has featured in some notable movies which include: Identity Thief, Pitch Perfect 2 and Reckoning just to mention a few.  Sope who has been praised for her Black Panther role as the shaman, a Wakandan spiritual leader has proven once again that black people can be intellectuals. On being in the movie, Sope stated:

I had to make sure I was fit for the role because one of my scenes that was going to involve some physical activity…And then for my role, I had to speak in a different accent. I made sure I did my research about the accent…I wanted to make sure I was prepared prior to coming on set.

In a bid to celebrate her steady rise in Hollywood, Carlos A. Giminez the Mayor of Miami-Dade County Florida proclaimed that every April 10 be celebrated as ‘Sope Aluko Day’. Sharing the news on Twitter, she wrote: “This just happened; I was awarded a proclamation, declaring today as Sope Aluko day in Miami-Dade County by the County Commissioner. What a supreme honour! I am flushed with immense gratitude.”

The proclamation, which honours the actress for her artistic talents, read: “Be it resolved, that I, Carlos A. Giminez, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Chairman Esteban Bovo, JR. And the members of the Board of County Commissioners, on behalf of Miami-Dade County and this community, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, April 10, 2018 as ‘Sope Aluko Day’.”

Aluko, is currently working on another Marvel film set to be released later in 2018, she stars alongside Taraji P. Henson in the upcoming movie titled ‘The Best of Enemies’.

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