Someone once said that we have no power over how we came into the world but we definitely can choose how we want to walk out of it. Life comes bringing default settings to our earnings, spirituality, family, career, business and even personal life. However, it is up to us to carve out our desired path.

It has been said that nothing in the world has ever been created without a thought initiating the process. Your thoughts do create your reality, and in learning to modify your old, entrenched thought patterns, you can modify your reality. There are two ways to modify our thoughts. First, changing your attitudes and beliefs about your current reality often shifts your focus and awareness so that you can begin to find peace in your life. Secondly, creating an image or thought of the new reality you want to create and keeping that in focus as you go about your day.

Now that you have a list, the next step is to determine a means of visualizing or imagining that outcome, and putting that image out into the Universe, so that the Universe can, in time, manifest the events and resources to create that outcome in your physical world.

Use what you know and turn it into actions. If your desire is to start a catering company, find some new recipes that you have never tried and make them. If you fail, don’t take it to heart. Failure is expected and I promise it will help you to improve by changing your approach to things.

Use that feeling of knowing that there are better opportunities for you out in the world to create whatever it is that you’d like to experience.

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