We are not responsible for the cards we are dealt with but how we choose to move our hands in the course of the game is totally our responsibility. From the creation of the very first man, we are made to understand that life is not fair and most likely will never be, so we are left with a decision to choose how to react to life and its excesses.

Lately, I stumbled on a lady who fries and sells bean cakes. This is a business that she decided to go into because her husband’s business was not thriving and they have two children in the university who need their financial support. This was not my first time of meeting a woman involved in her trade but what attracted me to her was the fact that when she talks about it, she has a glow in her eyes — some sort of ray of hope and the most amazing part was that she did it effortlessly.

“The load is heavy but I ‘am grateful that I ‘m not lazy,” she says.

Her smile and passion gets you hooked to her, this is an excellent feature for a businesswoman regardless of the scale of her business. Be it when it rains or when the sun blazes, she is always out there, making ends meet and bringing consistency into her business. This brings to mind that one who can do much with little will do even more with an added advantage.

There is no shame in the pursuit of business. Start where you are with what you have. You can flip your story around for the better.

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