I recently decided to fully explore my independence. To fully achieve this, I have to tick off moving out on my list. Just the other day I was having a conversation with my best friend, and she mentioned it to me that to reduce expenses because – Lagos living,  it will be better to have  room mate. She then proceeded to ask what type of room mate I will like to have. My quick response to that question was “I don’t know the type of room mate I will like to have yet but I know the type of room mate I will like not to have”

So here goes my list:

The Prayer Warrior:

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing beats the effective power of prayer, something indescribable happens when we go on our knees to pray but being an extremist is not cool. This category of people don’t pray quietly and they are always found praying round the clock.

The Lazy Roommate:

The ones that don’t do anything but sleep. I can’t stand these ones. Please note, there’s a difference between being tired once in a while but eventually getting up to do the chores and having no intentions to get the chores done. They are the type who wouldn’t cook but always ready to eat when you cook, they don’t get dishes done, sweep or take out the trash.

The Absentee Roommate:

I know, we will only be co-habitating but there times you actually need your roommate in the house. Times that you need to select the perfect  outfit for a date night, or the right wig to have on for a movie date or someone to just speak to.

The Foodie:

Let’s not get started on these ones, they are the ones that eat everything they see. They will finish your foodstuffs and theirs alike. I would rather munch on junks than to eat proper food but still a glutton irks me up.


I’m an ambivert. I don’t want anyone around me when I switch up to be an introvert. Asides, my privacy is everything and when you turn the house to your runway with your fans frolicking around you, I will be pissed. I have been working hard to get off the petty bus, I don’t want anyone dragging me back on that bus.


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