Asking for a pay raise can be stressful and awkward at times. So you think you deserve a pay raise but don’t know how to go about asking for it?  Doing this the wrong way could be a career spoiler for you if you say the wrong thing. If you’re not careful in how you approach the issue at stake, you risk humiliating yourself, pointing out your flaws instead of your strengths, and even throwing co-workers under the bus unintentionally.

Don’t Make Threats

The only situation when this is suitable is if you are the owner of the company. When asking for a raise, it is not advisable to make threats; even if you feel you have advanced skill sets difficult to find in other workers or you are an irreplaceable leader in your team. This is just an aggressive and angry approach to use but be sure that doing this will only make it difficult for you when asking for a raise again.

Mention Time

Most employees feel they deserve a raise after working in an organisation for a certain number of years even when they are still carrying out the same duty. The truth is no one earns a raise by staying in a company for a prolonged period of time. Raises are earned by good workers who try to improve the status of the company by adding value to it. So it’s possible to find ‘Person A‘ working in a company for ten years without getting a raise while ‘Person B’ might have worked for four years and get a raise and promotion included.

Don’t Use Your Personal Issues

Don’t bring in personal issues e.g saying you changed your daughters’ school to a more expensive one so you need a pay raise to be able to take care of other things in the houseIt is really not your employer’s concern what you choose to do with your salary. While this reason is a justifiable reason to need more money, it is not necessary for getting your boss to give you a pay up.

Be Ridiculous With Your Request

Do not get carried away when asked by your boss how big you want your pay raise. it is always advisable to do a little bit of research to find out what the company can handle in other not to get laughed at by your boss.

Don’t Mention The Wages Of Others

Don’t try comparing other workers pay to yours; it only gives your boss the impression of a selfish and greedy employee which definitely depicts what you need at this point. Technically, you shouldn’t even know what others earn by company policy and using this as a point to ask for an increase is a terrible idea.

Remember, you only get a raise for adding value, focus on the concrete reasons for which you believe that you deserve an increase. It is much more important to know what to say than to say the wrong things while asking for a pay raise.


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